S'MAX TASTIC is a private brand name owned by passionate food lover, gastronomy genius in culinary arts. He envisioned a food outlet where hospitality is concerned, where contemporary and classic cooking methods are used to serve rich, appetizing & nourishing food with twist of heritage.

So, we handpicked one of the most quintessential meal called HAMBURGER & SMOOTHIES to start with. The idea is to introduce Authentic - Handcrafted - Nutritious - Tantalizing Food selections straight from Oma's Kitchen. 


​​HOSPITALITY, we love to entertain our guests by giving them the special  privilege to customize their own Burgers and choose some delicious traditional German cuisines & beverages from the menu. We consciously look for dedicated & creative people, who have sense of responsibility to become part of our brilliant team. We are family of passionate individuals. 

We have three major business establishments so far,  
Foodtruck is an added advantage in catering business, due to it's mobility. It becomes much convenient to do the catering arrangements at specific locations selected by clients. WE SERVE HAPPINESS!!