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Creator of S'max Tastic Burgers!

Max started “S’maxtastic” in 2017 and since then he has created an amazing unique recipe for his famous Burgers. S’MaxTastic burgers is located in the Frankfurt pub in Ostend in Frankfurt. right outside the Underground station.

The pub has a fantastic atmosphere and is normally always busy with customers coming from far and wide to get a taste of the local cuizine. Max is passionate about food and has created a simple yet inspiring range of burgers and salads and of course the amazing chili con carne that customers keep coming back for.

Come and visit the pub and be sure to try one of the items on the menu as you enjoy the company of such a wonderful gathering of multicultural people.


The Frankfurter

The famous Frankfurter Burger. S’maxtastic recommended with freshly cut beef and hand picked fresh salad. Add extra toppings to this one!


Private Hire

If you would like us to come and cater for a function or event, let us know and we will bring team! No even too big for us to handle. Your guests will leave with a smile on their faces 🙂

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If you want to rent the whole bar for a private event or party, please just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Let’s do this!

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Very delicious, juicy and the buns are super fresh. I really liked the possivility to customize your own burger. The people are super friendly. Awesome place to just relax, play piano, table football and have parties! The ambience is very cozy and fun.

Olaf Homeier

Really good restaurants either to just go and have something to eat or as a place to have a beer and talk. The atmosphere is really enjoyable with a really nice decoration and the prices are good. So I totally recommend this place

Vitor Daudt

Awesome Friendly Staff...Delightful Ambiance with Hint of Artifacts, Great Drinks & Delicious Food specially BURGERS🍔 All in best affordable prices..!! You can also watch sports here...Highly Recommended, Well i have an Amazing Story started here

Anu Miracle

Lovely little sports style bar that was very friendly, despite not eating there they had what looked like great burgers!

Nigel Thurgood

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